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The Green Communities carbon footprint tool allows groups of individuals to measure their carbon emissions and workout their community carbon footprint.

Local businesses and community buildings in your community can also calculate their carbon footprint.

Use this tool to aid your community project and engage community members. As a community leader you can set up a community profile and invite people to join. As more and more people fill out their carbon footprint you will get a more accurate estimation of your community's carbon footprint.

Then you can monitor your community's carbon footprint as your project takes effect - helping you to evaluate the success of your project.

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Action Planning Tool

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Develop a plan to reduce your community’s overall carbon footprint with the Action Planning Tool. The tool helps you choose the most effective energy saving actions and estimates how much carbon your community could save.

The tool demonstrates expected carbon savings over a set timescale and can be used to support funding bids or develop partnerships.

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