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About the Carbon Footprint Tool

The Green Communities carbon footprint tool allows groups of individuals to measure their carbon emissions and get recommendations for energy saving actions.

The community footprint tool was originally developed by the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) as a part of their “cut you carbon campaign”, which was aimed at supporting communities in their region to cut their carbon emissions. Since the end of the cut your carbon campaign the Energy Saving Trust has taken ownership of the tool, which has become a part of the Green Communities offering - which much like cut your carbon has the vision to support communities across the UK to come together and engage in a community project, to ultimately reduce their carbon footprint. 

The carbon footprint tool is available to all individuals and communities and is built on the DEFRA Act on CO2 model which draws upon a database of over half a million users.

Local businesses and community buildings in your community can also calculate their carbon footprint and over time you will see how much carbon you are all saving.

Key features for individuals:
• measure carbon emissions from your home, appliances and travel
• get recommended carbon saving actions
• update your profile to show what savings you have made

Key features for communities:
•  set up a community profile
•  attract new members to your community
•  enter energy data from community buildings or local businesses
•  obtain an automatic calculation of your community carbon footprint
•  communicate with your community members
•  use reports to understand your carbon emissions
• set up a poster page for your community and tell the world what you are doing

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